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Commercial Risks in Film

"A truly unique company" - disrupting the way companies buy their film insurance products - owned by British Film Producers and Insurance Brokers providing a concierge service for all your insurance needs whilst making connections in the film industry through high level networking.

As part of the Commercial Risks UK Group of Companies, Commercial Risks in Film aims to be unique in what we offer by combining expert insurance services coupled with high level networking of UK film professionals, making this a company like no other.
Commercial Risks in Film brings you a concierge service that manages all your Film, Media & Entertainment insurance needs plus you become a member of our elite affinity group. Our service provides a unique feel and distribution method that is unrivalled in the industry.

Your appointed specialist advisor will arrange any insurance you require and introduce you to our film network.

Your appointed specialist advisor will arrange any insurance you require and introduce you to our film network.
Our personalised, proactive and exclusive Membership is strictly by invitation-only. You will be privy to discretion, exclusivity and accessibility to upcoming events. Access first-hand assistance from our team of commercial managers as well as being appointed an Elite financial manager who will seamlessly become part of your business needs.

We are a unique division of Commercial Risks, focused on the film and entertainment industry and formed for exclusive members only. We bridge the gap between film and insurance networks, providing Lloyd's and London market buying power and the film industry. We are a boutique insurance brokers, bringing you the chance to enjoy some unique film industry benefits including;

  • Attending up and coming film screenings, associated films and premiers
  • Receive first-hand knowledge of all the social networking events
  • Meeting likeminded professionals within the industry
  • Attend premiers and parties hosted by Carnaby Sales and Distribution
  • Gain extensive knowledge of both the film and insurance industries

Understanding the needs of the Media and Entertainment insurance industry is at times complex, this is why our team is built upon a wealth of experience - we comprehend the individual needs and cover requirements for this niche business sector.
Our team is based in London with access to Lloyd's as well as specialist underwriters, you can rely on us to design a comprehensive and competitive insurance programme.


  • Film and television, producers and distributors
  • Independent production companies
  • Freelancers
  • Overseas production
  • Film bonds
  • Post-production and special effects
  • Live entertainment and theatre groups and locations
  • Concert promoters and performers as well as concert halls and amphitheatres
  • TV and Radio Production and Broadcast
  • Events and Sports Management

For further information about our areas of expertise, please contact us.

Our team consists of four extremely knowledgeable individuals who have a passion for the industry and ensuring all your needs are met efficiently and directly with a no hassle approach.

James Osman - Managing Director

Founder of our Lloyd's of London Insurance Brokerage and Troon Underwriting Agency. James has an extensive commercial insurance background in broking, underwriting, affinity programmes, e-commerce and the innovation of new products. Since forming Commercial Risks (UK) Ltd in 2002 the company have registered 350 UK brokerages Nationwide, who now enjoy our products and services.

He has a wealth of experience in creating insurance solutions for unusual or challenging risks. With over 25 years in the insurance industry James has an extensive knowledge of the London Insurance market, which is renown as the World's leading authority for insurance of all kinds.

Andrew Loveday - Director

Andrew has been in the British Film Industry for 13 years. In his career to date as a producer of award winning British cinema he has successfully raised over 40 million dollars of private equity. He knows the industry inside and out and is an integral part of our company ensuring we are kept up to date and aware of the needs and challenges faced within the entertainment industry and to have a total understanding of your needs for production and services within film.

Roisin Buckle - Business Development Director

Roisin has an extensive knowledge of both the insurance and entertainment industry. Working within several Lloyd's Brokerages, Roisin has gained an extensive knowledge of the London Market and what it takes to survive in this fast paced industry. A proactive scheme co-ordinator and ready to listen to ideas of how to improve our offering, she keeps up to date with our client's needs. She is (well considers herself) the driving force behind the growth and development of CRIF along with Andrew to maximise the potential of the business.... We won't argue!

Dan Griffiths - Underwriting Director

With over 20 years commercial insurance experience Dan understands the risks posed by commercial ventures and the insurance solutions available to protect our clients.Dan gained experience of the Commercial Insurance sector at one of the UK's largest insurers before moving into the London Market.

Having underwritten risks for large insurers and managed bespoke schemes for individual businesses, Dan has the experience to find the insurance solution no matter what the size of your production. He has built up a network of contacts in both the London Market and Lloyd's of London that give access to the best cover available.


Working with Commercial Risks in Film means that you will no longer have to spend hours trying to find the right deal for your needs, not always knowing exactly what it is you need. We will do this all for you, under our concierge service, so you can get on with doing what you do best.
Working as your broker and risk management partner we will:

  • Perform a risk review and understand your business to ensure that we are covering all of your needs
  • Perform a risk review for special hazards
  • Forward the job award letter, production manual and certificates to the Production Company
  • Manage and Monitor claims
  • Arrange suitable insurance payment arrangements

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